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Nostalgia Bonda: Reminiscing Mum's Love

by Kamariah Jamaludin

Publisher - KarnaDya Solutions Sdn Bhd

Category - Motivation

Nostalgia Bonda is the first project of the Kasih Series. Besides presenting familiar and heartening recipes, I hope this book, founded on love and gratitude for all mothers, will also promote family bonding. I believe that a family that eats together will remain as one unit and stay close to one another. My motherís passion for cooking inspired me from a young age. Her sense of care, and her investment of love and time in the meals she would cook for the family, has always reminded me of how important it is to cook from the heart. All Mum's recipes are treasure troves of culinary secrets. Their recipes will always remind us of them, especially so when they are far away... or no longer around... The foods, aromas and flavours will linger on in our minds and hearts forever. They will be there to delight and to become part of our cultural heritages.

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