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Cupping (Al-hijama)

by Mohammad Amin Sheikho

Publisher - amin-sheikho.com

Category - Family & Health

A prophetical (Divine) medicine appears in its new scientific perspective: You will find in this book: Definition of the true cupping, the starting point , the history of cupping, the precise scientific medical rules, elucidated by the savant M. Amin Sheikho in his book, which the medical team has used in its scientific research, these rules can be summarized as follows: - The place of body for applying the cupping operation. - The suitable age for cupping operation. - Time of the cupping operation . - The physiological situation of the body. - The relationship between the Moon' effect and Cupping. - The simple cupping instruments. - The mechanism of the cup of cupping (Known as air-cups). - How to apply the right method of the cupping treatment. - The general lab report of the systematic scientific study about the cupping operation

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