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Travels of the Mind

by Ettore Grillo

Publisher - Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

Category - Autobiography & Biography

"A retired lawyer, Ettore Grillo was born in Enna, Sicily in 1946 and has coped with many difficult situations. This is his autobiography and the story of his struggle to live normally. ""Paranoid schizophrenia was destroying me,"" he says. Before writing this book, Grillo lacked strength, energy and enthusiasm. He was crushed by phobias and panic attacks, and was burned by anxiety. He walked the streets isolated from the rest of the world, shut inside his thoughts and often in conflict with others. For the author, a normal life cannot set aside the spiritual quest of searching for God, the immortal soul or mind, life after death or true eternal love. The book tells how Grillo recovered his vigor and good humour. He began to travel and meet extraordinary people who gave him strength. Everything in the book is true, including the stages of his healing. ""Through this book I aim to hand over to others the strength I got from writing it. So that whoever reads it, can take advantage and eventually appreciate this great opportunity that is our human life."""

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